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Goat Locker Selectee Deck Log

172 Entries
Ruben Rubio Email
20 hours ago

Rate: SBC (SWCC/FPJ) (Sel)

Duty Stations: SEAL Team 17, Special Reconnaissance Team 1, Special Boat Team 12

I am grateful and thankful to all my mentors in the Chief's Mess that have provided me with sound advice throughout my career in the U.S. Navy.  I look forward to joining you in the exclusive brotherhood that was started on April 1, 1893.

Tammy Bellay Email
20 hours ago

Rate: YNC(SW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: USS WHIDBEY ISLAND (LSD 41), Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, MCM CLASSRON, NMCB SEVENTEEN, NOSC Whidbey Island and currently: USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD 8)


I am honored and humbled to be selected to join the most respected Mess in the world.  It has been a long road but I would not be here if it wasn’t for the many Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs or Chiefs who were there to drive me. The first person I would like to thank is YNC Marissa Miller, Ret.  She took an undesignated Deck Seaman and introduced her to the Yeoman rating and the admin world.  She taught me to pay attention to detail, work hard, stay positive and always take care of people.  The second person I would like to thank is HMCS Priscilla Johnson.  She has been my mentor and my role model throughout my Naval career.  She is the major reason I was able to complete college and earn my Master’s Degree.  A special thank you to PSCM McNuckle, PSCM Devries, ATCS Harmon, MMCS Corvo, Ret., AWOCS Cameron, EOC Phillips, YNC Savant, and SWC Murphy, Ret. for your leadership and always pushing me to do my best.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family for their love and support.

John Swick Email
Yesterday at 19:46

Rate: SBC (Sel)

Duty Stations: SEAL Team 17/Special Boat Team 12


I would like to express my gratitude for having been selected as a candidate for this opportunity to better serve this nation.  I must thank my wife and family who have supported me throughout this journey, and the many leaders and mentors who have given me the guidance, inspiration, and knowledge needed to make it to this milestone.  I owe them all, and I can only hope to honor them by being the best leader and mentor I am capable of being. 

Aaron McGowan Email
Yesterday at 19:05

Rate: HMC(EXW) (Sel)

Duty Stations: SEAL Team SEVENTEEN / NOSC Newport, RI / NOSC Jax, FL

I am honored to be here and able to sign the Goatlocker deck log.

Like everyone else here and those who have come before us, this monumental opportunity was not reached with solitary effort. 

I have too many people to thank for this, both in the Mess and outside of it.  There is so much more I have to learn from all of you and I look forward to proving, along with my fellow Selects, that we will uphold the Mess and push it higher.

Thank you for all you have done, and thank you for everything to come.  "Pressure makes diamonds."

Very Respectfully,
HMC(EXW) (Sel) Aaron McGowan

Erika Bohorquez Email
Yesterday at 18:56

Rate: LNC(AW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: SEAL Team SEVENTEEN

I would like to thank current, and past leaders that assisted me to get through the selection process. it is because of your mentorship and leadership that guided me to my current selection to become a Chief Petty Officer. I am looking forward to learn from the Chief Mess and proudly earned my anchors.

Leiman Gonzalez Email
Yesterday at 12:22

Rate: HMC(Sel)(FMF/EXW)

Duty Stations: NMC Portsmouth; 2nd MLG; 2nd Med Bn; CLB-6; CLB-2; NBHC Key West; BHC Bahrain; NMOTC; 4th Med Bn-Miami; 4th Med Bn-Orlando

It has been very humbling to be selected for Chief Petty Officer. I could have not done it with out the support of my family and the trust the Mess giving me an opportunity to lead. I look forward to continuing to grow under the guidance of the Mess.

Shannon Rainey Email
Yesterday at 03:21

Rate: ITC(Sel)

Duty Stations: SEAL Team 17

I am greatly humbled for the opportunity I’ve been given and I stand ready to learn under the guided leadership of the Mess. I know what an honor this opportunity is and what will be expected of me as I complete this journey. I can only hope I am successful in my endeavors. I want to thank the Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs of ST-17 for the opportunity to learn from their wealth of knowledge and their efforts to make me worthy of such an honor. To Master Chief Ratliff for always supporting me and believing in me. You’re passion for your troops is unwavering. I wouldn’t be here without your support. Thank you for everything. To Master Chief (Ret) Bruce Brockbrader for your friendship and mentorship as a young Sailor and over the years. You helped shape me into the person I am today and I am forever in your debt.

Michael Morris Email
Yesterday at 00:40

Rate: CTRC(EXW/IW) (Sel)

Duty Stations: ST-17 IWC


 I want to say Thank You for all the help and support many Chiefs have provided to me along the way. I know I would not be in this position today if I did not have the guidance and mentorship of so many who assisted me, and continue to support me as I take this journey and learn to become a Chief and member of the Mess.

Christopher Hualpa Email

Rate: YNC(SW/IW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Miami, USSOUTHCOM, USS NEW YORK (LPD 21), U.S. SIXTH Fleet, HR-60S Fleet Introduction Team

I am truly grateful and honor to have the opportunity of being selected for Chief Petty Officer. I give credit to this major milestone in my career to all those leaders that have trained, mentored, and molded into a fine Sailor and future leader. I also want to thank God, my friends and family, and my Sailors for trusting me and allowing the opportunity to impact their career. Navy Chief! Navy Pride?

Darren Undercuffler Email

Rate: BMC(SW)(SEL)

Duty Stations: USS Hawes (FFG 53), USS Sterett (DDG 112), USS New Orleans (LPD 18), RTC Great Lakes, BMU-2

Excited to go through season.

Joe Rullo Email

Rate: MCC (Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC New Castle, DE; CLDJ, Djibouti, NRNAVINFO CNA/CNE/C6F

I am humbled by the task ahead of me for the next eight weeks. My hope is that I will be accepted to become part of the Chiefs Mess. 
I want to thank my sponsors for their guidance.

Wilson Brinley Email

Rate: MAC (SEL)

Duty Stations: VP-8, USNA, COMPHIBGRU-2, CVNE-69, NR NSA Naples, NR NSF Great Lakes


I am honored and extremely grateful to have been selected for this opportunity to walk side by side with some of the most respected leaders I have had the pleasure to serve under.
Several Chiefs have guided me over the years and have all given me one important piece of advice that stuck with me when I made E6, "Take care of your Sailors, and they will take care of you." I never fully understood how much weight that statement held until I received a phone call recently from MAC Lovett, breaking the news. I have had the pleasure of working alongside and leading some amazing Sailors at NR NSF Great Lakes, and during the last two and half years as the Unit LPO, I have learned so many valuable lessons from those Sailors and I'd just like to say thank you for continually ensuring the success of our unit, your careers, and most importantly our mission.

Thank you MACM Fryer, MACS Syc, MAC Fisher, MAC Lovett, and ENS Otto (formerly MAC), ACCS Duncan, ATCS Liddle, PHC Finnegan, Ret., AECS Steele, Ret., and so many more for the guidance, advice, and wealth of knowledge passed down along the way. A special thanks to AEC Seymour from my time as an AM in VP-8's line shack.

NOSC Chicago Chief's Mess, thank you all for taking your time to guide us through this season.

To SBFD for always supporting myself and other Reservists on the job.

Lastly, and with the utmost of gratitude, a world of thanks to my wife Laura and children, Elijah, Kathryn, and Theodore, who have missed me on birthdays, holidays, and other special times when I'm gone for "Navy work." 

Maurice Robinson Email

Rate: DCC(SW/AW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: SWOS LS Norfolk, USS Jason Dunham, NOSC Long Island

I'm really grateful to have this honor, and looking forward to the new challenge. I'am especially grateful to the sailors I have impacted and the ones who have made an impact on me. Thank you to my family who supporting me throughout this journey.

Jesus Monroy Email

Rate: ISC (IW/SS) (SEL)

Duty Stations: NIOC HI NI, CPF-0194, IMF PACNORWEST, SSN 715, SSN 725


I want to sincerely thank my parents, my wife, and our families for the unconditional love and support throughout the years! Also, a very special thanks to everyone who I have met in my Naval career. Whether good times or bad times, I have learned something from all of you!

Jerry K Benitez Email

Rate: BMC (SEL)

Duty Stations: John C. Stennis CVN 74, NOSC TUCSON, NAVELSG, ACB1 NAB CORONADO

I thank all my family, and all those that I have served with that have given me the guidance and opportunities to gain the experience and knowledge. Without them I would not have achieved this great honor.

Brandon L. Covert  Email

Rate: AWFC (SEL)


First, I cannot say THANK YOU enough to my wife Sara, my sons Ryder and Austin and our baby girl Harper. YOU ARE my inspiration and motivation to succeed!

I will never forget the awesome Sailors who have lead me, taught me and shown me how to be part of the team! I WILL do you all proud! Thank you!

Dennis Palmer Email

Rate: SWC (Sel)

Duty Stations: NMCB 22 Det-Ft. Worth

Let me begin by saying to my wife and children thank you so much, for letting me be apart of this great organization. Next to all who have made this journey possible for me thank you. Congratulations to all who made it this year, I wish all of you the best of luck on the endeavors we are about to set out on.

Grant Ogden Email

Rate: HMC(Sel)

Duty Stations: EMF Dallas Det O, NOSC Kansas City

First and foremost, I want to thank my fiance Darian for her love and support over the several years we have been together. I want to thank the numerous Chiefs who have mentored me my entire Naval Career. I would specifically like to recognize Master Chief Brewer, Master Chief Webster, Master Chief (Ret) Anthony, Master Chief (Ret) Wheat, Senior Chief Axsom, Senior Chief Robinette, Senior Chief (ret) Harmon-Moore, Senior Chief (Ret) Wheat, Chief Perry, Chief Van-Harn, Chief Meier, Chief (ret) Clines, the NOSC Kansas City Chiefs Mess and the EMF Dallas Chiefs mess. Without your guidance, mentorship, and leadership I would not be here today. 

Robert Johnston Email

Rate: HMC (Sel)

Duty Stations: EMF Great Lakes Det-R, NOSC Indianapolis

First, I would like to thank my great wife Sarah.  Without her love, support, and dedication not only to me but also my Naval career; I wouldn't be here.  I would like to thank the Chiefs who have mentored me through the past years and have assisted me in mentoring my Sailors.  There are a few Chiefs who I would like to thank here: MACS Keatts, HMC Linville, HMC Tompkins, HMC Espinoza, the entire cadre of Chiefs that I have learned from in the TCCC Mess, the EMF Great Lakes Chiefs Mess, and the NOSC Indianapolis Chiefs Mess.  Without either the Chiefs or my Sailors I would not be here now.

Lanora Marie Sprague Email

Rate: NCC(SEL)

Duty Stations: NTAG Northern Plains

Thanks belongs to my kids and my parents, first and foremost. I'm thankful for my Sailors who trust me to lead and mentor them, and I'm truly grateful to everyone that has led and mentored me since the day I shipped out, almost 16 years ago. I have had some really standout mentors during my career, and I am forever grateful for those that didn't give up on me during the tough life lessons that led me right here. I also have to stop and recognize all of the difficult moments and difficult Sailors that I've encountered. Every one of those situations offered a lesson that has helped shape who I am today. Thank you.

Joshua Dunbar Email

Rate: SWC(SEL)

Duty Stations: NMCB 18

I am very honored to have been selected. It would not have happened without the loving support of my wife, Felicia and our 4 children. I want to thank all the Master Chief's, Senior Chief's, and Chief's that helped me along the way to get to this stage of my career. I am truly grateful.

Zachary Kotouc Email

Rate: DCC (SW/AW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: SWOS LS Norfolk

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank my family and all of the chiefs who have mentored me along the way; especially MMCM Charles Phelps, DCCM Robert McGregor, BMC Rocke Ross, BMC Mary Castillo, DCC Jay Fowler, DCC Saul Delacruz, DCC Eric Payne, DCC Chris Brand, YNC Joe Corley, and HTC Ricky Thompson.


Rate: LSC (SCW/AW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: PHIBCB TWO

First, I would like to thank the almighty God for this day. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to my family, previous and current leaders who supported me to be selecteed as CPO in the United States Navy.

Jeron T. Ford Email

Rate: NCC(AW)(SEL)

Duty Stations: NRD Minneapolis, NRD Richmond, TAOC Minneapolis

I want to thank all of the leadership in my Naval career that helped me get to this monument point in my life. All the mentors that helped me get through all the rough patches played a substantial role in me being selected. Although I am not naming names, the ones who helped me get here received a call from me immediately the day I got the call. I can't wait for the season!

Jeremy Ryan Brewer Email

Rate: AWFC(NAC/AW/SW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: VR-57

Thanks to my wife and son for being there for me through thick and thin. Thanks to the people that pushed me, gave me advice and that trained me throughout my career.

Amanda Hillard Email


Duty Stations: NR NIOC Colorado, NOSC Denver, NCDOC, USS Carl Vinson

I would like to thank my family for their contributions that made it possible for me to make it as far as I have in the Navy. To my daughter, thank you for always believing in me and being so proud of my commitment to serve our country. To my parents, siblings, my ex, and his family, I thank you for all the times you stepped to care for my daughter when I couldn't due to service obligations.
I am thankful to all the people I've served with up to this point in time because each and every one of them has helped shape me into the person I've become.
Without all the support, hard lessons learned, and everything that's happened in between, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Adam Jennings Derby Email


Duty Stations: NOSC, Denver

I am humbled and honored to have been selected.  Thank you to my wife for your steadfast and unwavering support throughout my career. Thank you to Senior Chief Harold Newbill, Chief Heather McKesson and Chief Mary Alder for your mentorship, wisdom and direction.  I would also like to thank the NOSC Denver CPO Mess for training and guiding myself and fellow Selectees through season.  We will not fail you

Amy Bohrer Email


Duty Stations: OHSU Bremerton, OHSU Jacksonville, 4th Medical Battalion, 1st MLG

I'm incredibly honored and grateful for this opportunity. There's no way I could have made it to this point without the guidance, mentorship, and perseverance of the CPOs I've had the honor to serve with. Many have pushed me beyond what I thought my personal limits were and I'm a stronger Sailor for it. I look forward to what the next chapter holds as I continue on this journey and Navy life.

Donald Boothe Email


Duty Stations: NMCB 27

I would like to thank LSC Kossa, CUCS Marino, UTC Perez, SWC Muniz, CMC Moore, PSC Taylor, CMCDM Saville, CMCDM Barton, and many more, there is no way I could adequately thank you. I could have never gotten to this point in my career on my own.

I am truly blessed to have a family that has supported me through all the long separations. Laurel, Peter, Morgan, Dakota, Seth, Chris, Stephanie, and Andrew y'all are truly my ROCK. My only regret is that my Dad would be here to support me in this great endeavor.  
Thank you!

Christa L. Nelson Email

Rate: PSC(AW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: As FTS: NOSC Akron OH, TFCF ASG Kuwait, HELMINERON FIFTEEN, and NOSC Akron. As SELRES: DFAS-CLE and NMCB 25.

Sincere thank you ALL Sailors of NOSC Akron, and especially those currently attached to NMCB 25 Det 3125.

Special thank you to the following for years of guidance, mentoring and motivation:

PSCM Shelly Bracken, EOCS Joel Patterson, PSC Christy Hogan, BMC Dave Bonacci, PSC Christopher Van Hesteren, ITC Ali Alicea, QMCS Stephanie San Miguel, AZCS Carla Gilbert, YNC Joshua Jordan, UTC Ron Hendershot, YNC Paul Haverfield, , DCC Brad Bracken, SKC Todd Green, PSC Matthew Nemmers, YNC Scotty Alexander, and many others.

Vanessa Griffin Email

Rate: ITC (SEL)

Duty Stations: NSGA Ft. Meade, LHD-7 USS Iwo Jima, COMTHIRDFLT, NCHB-11, SPAWAR 0366, NR NSW IWC 18 (current)

It's a pleasure to be here!

Chase Lee Sims Email


Duty Stations: USS La Jolla SSN 701; Naval Submarine School; NOSC Bessemer

To the Chiefs, Officers, and crew of the USS La Jolla, NAVSUBSCOL, and NOSC Bessemer thank you. Thank you for always pushing me to be better everyday and for the countless hours that you all sacrificed to mentor and develop me. To my Shipmates, thank you for the patience, sacrifice, and hard work that you gave. Without you, we would not have been able to achieve the tasks and missions in the manner that we did, nor would I be in the position that I'm in today. Many hands and great minds had a part in making the sailor that I have become, and for that I am truly blessed. To my family, you have been by my side in every step of this journey. I would not have made it through the first day of my career without the support, sacrifice, and love from you. Thank you.

Charles Hayes Email

Rate: MCC (Sel)

Duty Stations: NPASE East

Thank you to all who believed in me no matter what was going on!

Christopher Van Syckel Email


Duty Stations: COMPACFLT DET 0270A

I am honored to have been selected. I would like to thank all of shipmates I have served with over the years, I have learned from you all. I would like to thank my aunt and uncle who adopted me and became the best parents I could wish for. Lastly, I would like to thank and remember ISC(SW) Barry Cain who guided, taught, and helped me in my early years in the Navy.

Travis Canovai Email


Duty Stations: SEAL Team 18, NMCB23

I am grateful and honored to be selected. I would like to thank the Chief, Senior Chiefs, and Master Chiefs that have provided me with advice, leadership, and guidance along this journey, especially from SEAL Team 18, SRT2, and NSWGRP10.

Mason Mai Email


Duty Stations: NOSC Denver

Shortly after graduating Boot Camp and A-School, I looked to an HM2 and thought that was such an accomplishment and that once I made HM2, I would be content and happy with my career. Once I made HM2 and decided to leave Active Duty, I thought I was just going to "chill" in the Reserve, focusing more on my personal life/career and less on the Navy. But the Navy kept calling and I find it impossible to resist. Then by some miraculous chance, I picked up HM1, then I found myself ended up here being selected for HMC. I realized then that being in the Navy and taking care of Sailors/Marines is my passion.

I did not make it here on my own, without the amazing leadership in my career, I would have quit the Navy long ago. A send a special thank and appreciation to HMC(FMF/EXW) Troy Ulshoeffer, who pushed and challenged me every day to lead my Sailors. I thank HMC(FMF)(Ret) Michelle Hart for believed in me enough to fight for my chance to advance to PO1. HM1(FMF) Roxana Rubio & Jackie Reyes who sat down with me every deployment morning&night and helped me earn my FMF warfare, who taught me deck plate leadership that helped me advance to HM2. All the Sailors and shipmates of USNH Yokosuka Japan; Charlie CO, 2nd Medical Batallion, Camp Lejeune; 5/14 Q Battery, NOSC Denver; and OHSU Bremerton, Det O, NOSC Denver.

I will carry on these lessons and pass them on to the shipmates that are under my charge. Hooyah!

Javier A. Jaramillo Email


Duty Stations: NOSC DENVER

I  am honored to have been selected as a Navy Chief Petty Officer. I would like to thank every Master Chief, Senior Chief and Chief who mentored me and had impacted my Naval career. Special thanks to HMCM (RET) Serrano and HMC Diaz.

Derek DuClair Email

Rate: FCC (SW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: NOSC Denver

I have many people in my life who have helped me get to this point. I want to thank my great-grandparents (Ret USAF) who raised me. My shipmates onboard USS Anzio CG-68 2011-2015, my current reserve unit LCS SUW and of course my son and my fiancee who push me to be better everyday.

Ryan Mathew Fisher Email


Duty Stations: NIOC Colorado

I want to thank God for giving me the continued strength to strive for excellence no matter what. I want to thank my wife for her continued commitment to stick by my side and to help me to never give up. I want to thank the many Chief Petty Officers who have given me their wisdom, knowledge, and their valuable time throughout the years to help mold me into what I have become today. Thank you to all who have served and will serve to make our Navy the strongest Navy in the world. And thank you to all who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep our great nation free.

Viridiana Ramirez Email

Rate: YNC(Sel)

Duty Stations: SEAL Team 18, NOSC Erie, HSC-85, EMF Kuwait Kilo, NOSC Whidbey, VFA 151

I want to start by Thanking my Family, Navy Family and God for being part of my journey. To all the leaders and Junior Sailors all of you have truly influenced me and motivated me to get to this point of my career. I’m grateful for this moment and the challenges that have helped me grow as a leader.

Edmund S.Dougherty Email

Rate: CEC(SEL)

Duty Stations: NMCB27

My special thanks to the following people who have not only had a significant impact on my development, but have also expended a great deal of personal time and effort.
BUC Dean Hill
YNCS Terri Kerr
CMDCM Lori Saville
BUC Thomas Camara
BUC Eric Surrette
CUCM MIchael Van Gundy
CUCS Robert Lechner
YNC Brandt Werner
CMC Robert Moats
LSC Sharon Kossa

Your innumerable contributions are a debt I can never repay but I will strive to pass down your wisdom. 

Allen Steven Yanow Email


Duty Stations: NOSC Greensboro, North Carolina

First I would like to thank my wife, Elizabeth. Her support through this process really reminds me how important family really is. I would like to specifically Senior Chief Walter Turner who was my first LCPO onboard the USS Barry (DDG-52). Without his guidance I would have never been as successful as I have been in this Navy. I would also like to thank Master Chief Stein, Chief Juhl, Chief Hasenfus, Senior Chief Linares, Chief Kehm, Chief Willson, Chief Spencer, and Senior Chief Spencer for being my mentors and guiding me along the way to this point. I was very fortunate to have excellent Chiefs in all of my commands. 

Lastly, I would like to thank the entire NOSC Greensboro CPO Mess for taking on the responsibility of training me through the season. I will not fail you.

Travis M Tackett Email

Rate: BMC(SW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Amarillo

It’s a tremendous honor and privilege to be selected. This is the culmination of a career long dream, and I hope to honor all of those currently serving and who have formerly served wearing the anchors of a Chief Petty Officer. Hoo-yah!

Daniel Timothy Geiman Email

Rate: BMC(Sel)

Duty Stations: ACU-2 Baltimore

I am a Chief Select and just started the season. I know it’s going to be tough but I am going through it 7 other Chief Selects. We are all going to make it and stick together. Thank you.

Chief Select Geiman

Adam Rossman Email

Rate: CTTC(Sel) (IW)

Duty Stations: NIOC GA-Detroit, NIOC Georgia, NSGA Guantanamo Bay, NSGA Ft. Meade

It is an honor to have been selected. There is a lot of individual effort that goes into this, but also an equal amount of effort and support from the Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Chiefs that have mentored me and helped shape me as a leader. I am extremely grateful to these mentors and will forever remember their support and guidance.

Duane E. Provonche Email

Rate: MAC (IW) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NSF White Beach Okinawa, NSF Pear Harbor Hawaii, NAS Sigonella Italy

I am honored to have been selected to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the world's greatest Navy. The wisdom, knowledge, and experience I have received over my 17 years of Military Service reflect greatly upon my Chiefs whose guidance made me the leader I am today. I look forward to serving my Country in this role.

Chanetta Williamson Email

Rate: PSC(SW/EXW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Columbia, NOSC Augusta, SEAL Team 18, CNRFC, PSD Anacostia, PSD Jacksonville, USS Frederick(LST-1184)

I'm grateful to be selected! First, I would like to start by giving glory to the one who sits high and looks low. Secondly, I'm thankful for the support system of my family and close friends. I'm thankful for my Sailors(some who had made it to the mess already) who allowed me to lead and follow them; yes I say follow them because as leaders we have to sometimes follow. Lastly, I'm thankful for all of my mentors listed in no particular order (CW03 Gonzalez, FORCE (RET) Pennington, ITC(RET) Jeter, DCC(RET) Brandon-Motley, RPCM Roach, ITCM Harris, OSC Thomas, PSC Peele, YNC Livingston, YNC Price, GMC(RET) Fernandez, YNC Merjudio, PSC Smenda, YNC Jenkins, ITC Lewis(Melody), YNC(RET) Dalton, AWCM(RET) Curry, RESERVE FORCE (RET) CJ Mitchell, EMCS McElveen, PSC Lee, NCC Swarts, PSC Jones(Lakisa), LSCS Dillon-White, YNCS Mainville, PSC Lasuire(Joshua), YNC Maxies, PSC Snowden, PSC Petrowski, GMC Vega, PSC Baggett, LSCS Graves, YNCS(RET) Moody, PSC Thompson, Master Chief Bissett, PSC Mercy, Retired Chief Harn, YNC(RET) Duran, YNCM(RET) Roberts, BMC(RET) Washington, PSC(RET) Jules, Chief Seawright, Warrant Officer Chavis,FORCE (RET) Wright, SOCM(RET) Fields, PSC Easterling, and rest her soul PSC Maribel Rincon.

Timothy Mullins Email

Rate: MAC (SEL)

Duty Stations: NB Point Loma, NOSC Las Vegas

I am sincerely appreciative and humble for the opportunity bestowed upon me. I offer my utmost thanks to God first and foremost for providing me with the team and family support. Thank you to my sailors of which none of this would be possible without them. Thank you as well to my senior leadership and guidance over the last few years leading up to this honor.

Robert Rockers Email

Rate: ISC(IW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Omaha

I am deeply honored to have been selected as a Navy Chief. I wouldn't have this opportunity if it weren't for the Senior Chiefs, and Chiefs that supported and mentored me along the way, I am truly grateful.

Marc Anthony Casasanta Email

Rate: BMC (EXW) (sel)

Duty Stations: CRS8 A Co.

Back in 1993 when I enlisted in the Army Reserve as a Combat Engineer I never could have thought that I would be selected to become a BMC in the Navy Reserve. I truly want to thank everyone that I've met along this amazing journey. Regardless of rank, rate, age, or background, you've all taught me something. I am humbled by this opportunity.
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