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Goat Locker Selectee Deck Log

143 Entries
Cara Ward Email
9 hours ago

Rate: LSC(SEL)

Duty Stations: NOSC Detroit, NAS SIG 0192, Cross Assigned to COMSUBPAC Pearl Harbor

I am deeply honored and humbled to be selected.  I am grateful to every Master Chief, Senior Chief, and Chief who has mentored me; for every peer who has supported me; and for every Junior Sailor who has given me a reason to strive for this.  I will do all I can to make you proud and to pass on the knowledge you have provided. Congratulations to my fellow Selectees.  May we all have a productive Season filled with memories we can learn from and laugh about in the years to come!

Alfred J. Guillory III Email
9 hours ago

Rate: PSC(Sel)

Duty Stations: NALO 2018-2021 (New Orleans, LA); VR-55 2015-2018 (Pt. Mugu, CA); NOSC Houston 2009-2015 (Houston, TX); IA 2008-2009 (Camp Clark, Afghanistan); PSD Camp Pendleton 2006-2008 (Camp Pendleton, CA)


This experience has truly been a blessing for me and my family. With the struggles of my mother's illness and the sacrifices my wife and children have made over the past 12 years I cannot even express in words the gratitude and debt I owe them. All I can do is give the praise and glory to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jericus Lewis Email
21 hours ago

Rate: NCC(SEL)

Duty Stations: Nrd Jacksonville

NCC(SEL) Lewis request permission to enter goatlocker upon being pinned

Tony Medina Email
Yesterday at 04:15



Words cannot express how grateful I am to my family, Chiefs Mess, Wardroom, FCPO Mess and Junior Sailors of the Naval Special Warfare, Expeditionary, Surface and NATO Communities that I have and still have the honor of being mentored by throughout my career. I remember each and every one of you by your words of wisdom, life lessons and take them for action, keeping me humble and honored to wear the uniform.

To my fellow Selectees. Let us honor our rich history and make proud those that have come before us and earn these Anchors this September!



Rate: NCC(SEL)

Duty Stations: NRS FAR EAST

Chief Select Khen Reyes from the only Navy Recruiting Station in the 7th Fleet AOR. I would like to thank all current Active Duty Chiefs and those that have Retired to allow me to be the Sailor I am today. I would like to send my congratulations to all my FTS/SELRES Selectees and the upcoming Active Duty Selectees coming up shortly for 2018.

Jennie Holthaus Email

Rate: YNC(IW/EXW) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Greensboro, NAPRA Atsugi Japan


Congratulations to all Selects!

Thank you to all of my Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Chiefs for your guidance and setting me up for success during my career thus far.

Thank you to the first Senior Chief that ever came into my life, my father, MMCS Retired, Terry A. Holthaus.


Rate: EOC (Sel)


Still in the beginning of the season, but all is going well. Very tiring, a lot of hard work, but overall great training.

Brandon A Keel Email

Rate: ITC(sel)(IW/EXW)

Duty Stations: NCTAMS Lant det, NOSC Raleigh, MSRON 1, NECFC, MSRON 12, NAVCENT, NSWU-1 SBT 18


Firstly, Congratulations to all of my fellow selectees amongst the many groups going through the phase this season. I myself started with NOSC Toledo but will be continuing with NOSC Raleigh.

It's with great pride that I humbly prepare myself for what's in front of me. I'd like to thank my shipmates and leaders alike for the teamwork and encouragement that's made this possible.

If anyone knows SBCS John J. Garner, please let the Senior Chief know he's been one of my biggest supporters both personnally and professionally.

ITC(sel) Keel

John Edward Miller Email

Rate: LSC(SEL)

Duty Stations: NOSC Columbia, NOSC Charlotte, Cargo Handling Battalion 11

15 year reservist. Former CHB4 till its decommissioning in 2012. Attached to CHB11 since 2013.

Angela D Lanter Email

Rate: PSC (AW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti

I would like to extend an special thanks to FLTMC (RET) JoAnn Ortloff and FLTMC (RET) April Beldo.  Both are an inspiration to many female Sailors!

There are so many from Chiefs Mess that have mentored and had direct impacted my development, here is a list of just a few:

CMDMC Corey Cain
CMDMC Jon Morton
NCSC Sara Waggoner
CUCS Veronica Moczygemba
QMSC (RET) Shannon Tracey
ATSC James Beauman
AESC Timothy Chiltzer
ATSC (RET) Angel Nevado
ETSC (RET) James Malone
CMCS James Warwick
ETSC James Alley
AESC (RET) Edward Long
AGCS Victoria Edwards
ATCS Dave Tullio
LSCS Maisa Mallore
YNSC Bruce Casteel-Dealmedia
ITCS Willie Arnold
ATCS Joshua Watkins
YNC Jermaine Johnson
PSC Kimberlyn Jorden
ATC Trenette Peoples
AMC Jeremy Drozdowski
PSC Earnest Baah
PSC Sylvia Hernandez
MRC Jim Ogden
LSC George Delarosa
OSC (RET) Amy Suglao
ADC James Crenshaw
ITC Teena Acree
LCS Yaotse Adolatse
CMC Jimie Bartholomew
LSC Umrella Burns
YNC Justin Griffiths
BUC Patrick Quintana
PSC Barbra Rivera
EODC Stephen Serio
NCC Daniel View
ITC Lakeesh Tallman
LSC Rachel Wells
YNC Andrea Zavislak
ADC (RET) Macario Montes

Thank you to each and everyone of you, there are many more who have played such key role! Thank you! And congratulations to all FY 19 Selectees!

Very Respectfully,
PSC (SEL) Lanter, Angela

Michael A. Trollope Email

Rate: LSC (SEL)

Duty Stations: CLDJ

I would like to thank LSCS (RET) Michael Hoffman, GMCS Dwayne Rightnowar, LSC (RET) Jerome Davidson, LSC Devonshae Smith, LSC (RET) Rodney Phillips, LSC (RET) Wanda Sins, YNC (RET) Dierdre Battle, YNC Laurie Roods, LSC John Keagy, MAC Jake Brixey, MAC Mike Barron, GMC (RET) Darrell Dawson, LSC (RET) William Anderson for all of their support, encouragement and mentorship throughout my career.  I would not have gotten to this point in my career without each of them.  THANK YOU!

Very Respectfully,

LSC (SEL) Michael A. Trollope

Dale Wagner Email

Rate: LSC (SCW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Fort Worth, VF-201, CVSW 0470, NMCB-22, 9th NCR, NAVSUP FLC Sig HQ

Congratulations to all the Selectees.  It is truly honoring and humbling to have selected.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me in my career.

William Melillo Email

Rate: LSC(SEL)

Duty Stations: Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa

congratulations to everyone

Laura Rollins Email

Rate: YNC(Sel) (AW)


Congratulations to all my fellow Selectees.  I would like to thank all the Chiefs who have trained, and mentored me to get here.

Jacob Seekins Email

Rate: HMC (SW) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Brunswick Maine 2007 - 2010. USS SIMPSON FFG 56 2010 - 2013. Surface Warfare Medical Institute (SWMI) San Diego CA 2013 - 2014. USS FARRAGUT DDG 99 2014 - 2017. Naval Branch Health Clinic Fort Worth Texas

Congratulations to all the Selectees this far!!  Know where you're going and never forget where you've been.  So many have left their finger prints on my career and life.  Incredible Chiefs along the way have acted as my navigational beacons and kept my career afloat when I was dead stick.  First and foremost my mentor who made me want to become an Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC), HMCS (SW/FMF/EXW) Christopher Tilley.  Thank you hardly expresses my gratitude towards your mentorship during my career and even on opposite ends of the United States he still kept tabs on me and where I was going and doing.  HMCS (SW/FMF) (Ret) Brian Butorac my first IDC I ever really worked for, and my first ship.  This man kept me out of trouble when I was looking for it!!  HMCM (SW/FMF/AW) Thomas Holder always keeping me in check and never settling for anything except excellence.  HMCM (SW/FMF/AW) Douglas Mullen for being a great ISIC, mentor and best mustache on the waterfront!!  He was my ISIC from HM3 (0000) Seekins to HM1(SW) 8425 Seekins.  Many others outside my rate too NCCS Christopher Kinstle.  ENC Rick Metzger.  YNC Miller Shield.  ETCM Martin Roberts.  

Wardroom:  Captain Megan Thomas, Captain Cory Applebee, CDR (Ret) Rick Sams M.D.  CDR Casey Baker.  All are incredible people that have had great patience with me, taught me humility, how to be more humble, a better man and husband.  I remember our conversations and have shared many firsts some great some heart wrenching.   I am proud to say I have served under all of your commands.

Kevin Blake Email


Duty Stations: NOSC Minneapolis, NOSC Kitsap

Congratulations to all those selected!

Martin Carrillo Jr Email


Duty Stations: NOSC Las Vegas (Unit HCHB-5)

I want to think the Honorable Chiefs McGrew and Cruz for their mentor ship in the AFC community.

Mckenna R. Emry Email

Rate: BUC(SCW) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NMCB 18, NMCB 25, NOSC Las Vegas NV, NOSC Sacramento CA


Everything happens for a reason, now we all get to help make those reasons happen! Congratulations to you all and welcome to Class 125! I cannot be any more proud and HONORED to be a part of this season with you all and can't wait to see us all grow and mold into the tenacious and resilient Chief and be accepted into the Mess! Thank you to the Chief's Mess, especially NMCB 18, NMCB 25, NOSC Las Vegas, NOSC Sacramento; for you have all gone into battle for the success of others.

HONOR over HONOR over all!

Hoorah Class 125!


Lucas C Carthew Email

Rate: MMC (SW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: NOSC Sacramento (2011 - Present), USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) (2006 - 2010)

I would like to say congratulations to all my fellow CPO Selects, and an enormous thank you to all the dedicated efforts of the Chiefs who helped guide me along my career thus far.  Specifically, I would like to give thanks to:

MRC Cameron
HTCS Finch
MRC Weaver
MAC Hamon
CMC Cunha
EMCS Weiglenda
MMCM Luedeke
MMCM Franklin

Thank you all for your time, energy, and sage advice.

Joseph Vincent Email

Rate: ISC(IW/SW/AW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75); SOUTHCOM JIC; NR STRAT INTEL OFFUTT

I am honored and humbled to have been selected for the opportunity to become a Chief Petty Officer in the world's finest Navy. All of us who have been selected are here because of the sacrifices of the ones who have gone before us. Additionally, I would not be where I am today without solid leadership and amazing junior Sailors.

To the rest of the Selectees, let us all work hard to earn acceptance into The Mess.

Jered J. Spieker Email

Rate: HMC(SEL)

Duty Stations: 6th Engineering Support Battalion, Engineering Support Company / Bridge Company Alpha

I am honored to be selected to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. I couldn't have done it without all the hard work of my junior Sailors, or the guidance given to me by my leadership. With this selection I will be able to better support my Sailors and their families.

Kristin Laguna Email


Duty Stations: USS Iwo Jima, NAWS China Lake, USS Peleliu, NLSO/DSO West, NRD Seattle, NRD Los Angeles

Congrats to all the fellow selectees! I’m so honored to be one of the few that has been selected! I have so many people to thank for pushing me to be better each day! Every person I’ve met along the way, whether an instructor, LPO, peer, junior sailor, chain of command, has shown me something different that I can use in my own toolbox to be successful! I’m excited to learn and move on to the next level of my career! Again, congrats to all those selected!

Anthony P. Martin Email

Rate: HMC(SW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Raleigh, OHSU Camp Lejuene

Congratulations to all fellow selectees. I don't think I would've been able to get here with all my junior sailors, all the Chiefs I have had the pleasure of encountering and learning from, and officers I had the privilege to work with.

Randolph Pettigrew Email


Duty Stations: NCHB 14

Congratulations Selectees!
I owe a lot to those who've help guide my career to this achievement. Not everyone can say every Chief they've encountered had a positive impact on their career. Thank you to the following Chief Mess:
NMCB 5: 2003-2008
31stSRG: 2008-2011
NOSC VC: 2011-Present
NCG-1: 2011-2013
CBMU 303 PH: 2013-2014
NCHB 14: 2014-Present

Elizabeth Wickersham Email


Duty Stations: NMCB 27

Honored to be selected. Congratulations to all the fellow selectees!  Thank you to everyone I have served with and for helping me with this great achievement.

Kurt D. Hamilton Email


Duty Stations: Navy Pay & Personnel Command Det B

I would like to thank my mentors PSCM Orlando Fontanilla, RPC Chris Johnson, YNC Angelnique Outlaw, and YNC(RET) Tonya Jones for believing in me and always pushing me to excel.  Their mentorship help mold me to the leadership style I would like to emulate as I pin on chief.  This message would not be complete without a congratulations to my fellow brothers and sisters that were selected.  Remember, The season is what we put into it!

Emil Alvarado Email

Rate: HMC(FMF) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NCHB-8, LRMC, OHSU Portsmouth, NMCP

Congratulations to all of my fellow Selectees. This great accomplishment is a reflection of the many Chiefs, E1-E6's, and Commissioned Officer's that I have had the privilege of working with. I am humbled and strive to be better. Thank you!

Michael Anthony Young Email


Duty Stations: Charlie Company, 4th Law Enforcement Battalion

Being selected is a life long dream that has only been met through every Sailor I have served with and been exposed to. Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs collectively have guided me down the correct path and I am so grateful to have been forced to go out of my FMF comfort Zone. I would like to extend a heartfilled thank you to Master Chief Kotz and Senior Chief Wright.

Adam Juvinall Email

Rate: NCC (FMF) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NRD Phoenix

It is such a great honor to be selected to Chief Petty Officer. I would like to thank the everyone, both junior and senior to me, that has mentored, encouraged, motivated, and believed in me. I would especially like to thank NCCM Chad Anders, NCCM Andy Lo, NCCS William Currie, NCC Justin Leetham, NCC Tim Talbott. I know in my heart I would not be here without each and every one of you great leaders.

Brian Monreal Email

Rate: EOC (Sel) Brian Monreal

Duty Stations: 1 NCR; CBMU 303; SPAWAR; NFELC; SU-2

I would like to thank Master Chief Jay Schippers with 1 NCR. Over the last two years as the R3C, he has given me the opportunity to prove myself. Over the last 6 months CECS Scott Johnson became the acting R3C and had continued to push and prod me to become the best LPO of the R3 shop. These two individuals are the main reason that I was selected.

I would also like to thank EOC Bryan Hill. Chief Hill was my introduction to the Navy and how to act as a Chief. I was an old recruit, entered at the age of 35 in 2006, and I have been trying to live up to his expectations ever since. I was a part of Chief Hill's Retirement Ceremony and he had some very kind words and lofty goals for me and the rest of the Retirement Party. I was very happy to finally call him to let him know that I had been selected.

The list is quite long but I would also like to thank EOC Brendan Warner, my first LPO, YNC Deborah Johnson, EAC Robert Braden, LSC Richard Vasquez and EOC Michael Lopez all who were with me in my SU-2 days. As luck would have it, I have been reunited at 1 NCR with EAC, LSC  and EOC, and to be able to call them was a very satisfying experience. EOC Lopez and I joined the Navy together and to have the opportunity to join him is very exciting.

I appreciated all their help over the years, and to those that I did not mention by name, have had a great deal of influence over my Navy career and I will work to carry on the tradition of Navy Chief.

Adrian G. Miller Email

Rate: YNC(Sel) (EXW/AW)

Duty Stations: NCHB-14, NBVC

Congratulations to all my fellow Selectees.  I would like to thank all the Chiefs who have trained, and mentored me to get here. And a big thank you to my family for always being there for me.

Ronald C. Sherman Email

Rate: EOC(EXW/SCW) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NCHB-14

Thank you to the Chiefs mess of NCHB-14 for believing in me and helping me to get to this point. I would like to thank AWC(ret) George Sherman for a life time of teaching, guidance and being a great life mentor. As I have all my life, I will continue to try and emulate and follow your footsteps.

Cary Chavez Email

Rate: YNC(AW) (SEL)

Duty Stations: RCC Great Lakes; VR-64; NOSC Plainville; PSD North Island; USS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52)

Congratulations to all the CPO Selectees. I am very blessed to have this opportunity and so grateful for all the mentorship I have received and the lessons yet to come. I appreciate each and every one of my junior Sailors, Leaders, and Chiefs who have helped me get here. God bless us all!

Jessica Hatcher Email

Rate: PSC(SW)(Sel)

Duty Stations: NOSC Wilmington Previous Duty stations: USS Comstock LSD 45; PSD Afloat West; NOSC Plainville; NOSC Pensacola; RCC Fort Worth

Congratulations to all the CPO Selectees!!! I would like to first and foremost thank God for fulfilling the desire of my heart. Thanks to all of my junior sailors for their hardwork and dedication. As well as all of my leaders and mentors who helped guide me to get to where I am now. Those leaders and mentors are: Master Chief Quarles, Senior Chief King, Senior Chief Axson, Senior Chief Carter, Chief Dempsey, Chief Chanowsky, Chief Kulp, Chief Young and Chief Seddon. I would like to thank my husband and family for their unmatched love and support because without that I would not be where I am today.

Michael Coulston Email

Rate: HMC(FMF)(Sel)

Duty Stations: Marine Forces Reserve

I am truly humbled to be where I am today, a big thank you to my mentors and leaders.

Jaclyn Dayton Email

Rate: YNC(Sel)

Duty Stations: NSWG-11

Thanks to all of the Chiefs who have gone before me.

Angelo D. Vivio Email

Rate: HMC(SW)(SEL)

Duty Stations: EMF GL ONE Det Z. Pervious commands include: ASTC- Jacksonville, FL, USS Leyte Gulf Norfolk, VA, Naval Hospital- Jacksonville, FL.

I would like to congratulate all selectees, hard work and dedication to your sailors have lead you here. 
There are several leaders who's guidance throughout my career was key, HMCS Coleman, HMCS Davis and Master Chief Williamson. Along with my wife, these individuals continue to encourage and support navy career.  

Zeshan Haq Email

Rate: ITC(SEL)


Congratulations to all selectees FY19 and all the esteemed that helped us get here.

Shericka Brantley Email

Rate: ITC(Sel)

Duty Stations: USS BlueRidge, CTF-72 Misawa, NCTS Guam, USS Frank Cable, NOSC Pearl Harbor


Congratulations to all selectees! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family along with my past and present leadership for leading and guiding me to this opportunity. 

Keith Stephen Foley Email

Rate: YNC(SEL)

Duty Stations: Naval War College Newport Rhode Island

Prior Duty Stations:
HQ Allied Forces Southern Europe Naples Italy (AD)
USS Dwight Eisenhower (CVN69) (AD)
NMCB 27 Hanscom Air Force Base Hanscom MA (RES)

Derek Druin Email

Rate: YNC(SW)(SEL)

Duty Stations: NOSC Louisville

First off I would like to congratulate all of the other Selectees from FY19. We've all worked hard to get here, and it's truely deserved by you all! I want to thank all of the junior Sailors who I have worked with in the past that made this at all possible. I would also like to thank all of the Genuine Master Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, and Chiefs who I have worked for that have helped guide me to where I am now. I would especially like to thank PSCS (ret.) Kurt Cherry who gave me the kick in the rear I needed 9 years ago to get going, and to MMCM Greenwell, ABFC Bryan, and MAC Dalrymple for the being the mentors and the light in the dark that I've so dearly needed over the last few years.

April Townsend Email

Rate: MAC(Sel)

Duty Stations: NSB New London; JTF GTMO; NOSC Louisville

There are not words to properly describe how thankful I am to each and EVERY Sailor I have made contact with in my career.  For each of them is the reason I have the honor of being selected as a Chief Petty Officer.  To my fellow selects, I look forward to embarking on this journey as a team and am honored to serve beside you!

Lagarius Spikes Email

Rate: GMC (SEL)

Duty Stations: USS Hue-City CG-66, Naval Weapons Station Jacksonville, FL, USS Harry S.Truman CVN-75, NECC ETG, NOSC-Tampa OSU

Congratulations to all the CPO Selectees, it is an honor and privilege to be selected with you all.  Thank you to the Genuine Chief's, Senior Chief's and Master Chief's for all your hard work with helping and encouraging me on this journey.  I especially like to thank the following;

LT Harold Stubbs
NCCS Arusha Johnson
NCC Margarett Tyler
GMCM Christopher Montgomery
YNC Todd Frey

Kelvin B. Jones Email

Rate: BMC(SEL)

Duty Stations: NAS Oceana AIMD, HSL-44, CNATTU Jacksonville, NCHB 13

This has been an honor to be selected as a Chief Petty Officer. It has always been one of my biggest goals since this Chief Select has enlisted into the worlds greatest Navy.This Chief Select wishes all who shares this experience congratulations, and to all to remember how we got here.

Harold Broussard Jr Email




Truly and Honor to have been accepted to the selectee status. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to YNC Debroah Wilson, ITC Charles Treloar, ITC Susan Serrano, ITC Paul Reisenberg, ITCS John Martinez, and all the senior leaders and junior Sailors for and with whom I’ve served for giving me the tools, advice, and mentorship for making this accomplishment achievable.

Takeia Swanson Email


Duty Stations: Navy Operational Support Center Bessemer

I would like to thank YNC Ewell, EMC Taylor, and ATC Oliver, and all the junior Sailors that I have served and not serve with that I was able to provide mentorship to and those that mentor me.

Chad Stowers Email

Rate: BUC (Sel) (SCW/EXW)

Duty Stations: NMCB 27

Honor to be selected.
Congratulations to everyone else that has achieved selection.

Stephanie Reed Email


Duty Stations: NOSC Bessemer

Congratulations and good luck to all selectees!

Alvaro Delapuente Email

Rate: HMC (FMF) (Sel)

Duty Stations: NMC Portsmouth VA, 1/6 Marines, 4th ANGLICO, 4th Med Bn

Honored to have been selected this cycle. Congratulations to all the fellow Selectees! This could not have been possible without the help from my junior sailors and officers. But most importantly from my two biggest mentors throughout my Reserve career:

The More Honorable HMCS (FMF) Billini Benoit
The More Honorable HMCS (FMF/PJ) Ariel Guerrero

Terence Ash Email

Rate: HMC (SW/FMF) (SEL)

Duty Stations: SSP Montgomery, AL

I am honored to have this opportunity. Thank you to everyone that been in this journey along with me.
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